Links of Interest

LINKS OF INTEREST The American Civil War and slavery from 1861-1865. The Battle for Columbia is a fine educational living-history event for the entire family. Sherpa Guides is an online collection of books designed to increase exposure and to promote historic preservation. Spartacus Educational is an online research site dedicated to different events in history, providing relevant educational links on each topic. Outline of the American Civil War. The causes of the war, a summary of the war, a look at the life of a soldier and the timeline of events are the primary content here. This site is dedicated to the story of the 4th Illinois Cavalry from Cairo, Illinois during the Civil War. This site offers a virtual tour of the Atlanta campaign during the Civil War. The Civil War Zone provides information on different aspects of the Civil War and life during those times. A history project exploring the long-term, continuous relationship between black and white families associated with one plantation in South Carolina. The Civil War Home Page contains in-depth information on battles, Civil War documents, figures, and photographs from both the Confederate and Union armies. A guide to Civil War currency from all CSA states. Bil Brasington, a native of Columbia SC, has compiled much useful information about South Carolina during the Civil War. A site all about the American Civil War that includes detailed information about General Sherman, Thomas Sumter, Fort Sumter, the Battle of Gettysburg,the Second Battle of Bull Run and more. Civil War photography